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Toyota Aristo

Toyota Aristo - дarge rear-wheel drive sedan began started manufacture in 1991. The car was equipped with three-liter inline "six": atmospheric (230 h.p.) And turbocharged (280 h.p.) A year later, a four-wheel drive version appeared with an engine capacity of 4.0 liters and 250 liters. with. In 1993, the Toyota Aristo began to be sold in the US market as the Lexus GS 300.

The second-generation Toyota Aristo made its debut in 1997 (the Lexus GS was also updated at the same time). For sedan offered the former three-liter engines. In 2005, the release of Aristo was discontinued, the model received its continuation only as the third-generation Lexus GS. Choose the model and get information about Toyota Aristo parts. Here collected data of car parts for up to last Toyota Aristo(Lexus) 2019

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